Grammar Handbook 2 - Precursive Font - Clearance Sale
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Grammar Handbook 2 - Precursive Font - Clearance Sale

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This handbook is identical to the print version. The only difference is the precursive font style. Save 66% on the price of the print version!

This version of the Grammar 2 Handbook - in Sasoon (Precursive) font, is being made available to our customers at a special price due to an ordering error. The contents of the Book are identical to the Print version.

  • Consolidates the teaching from The Grammar 1 Handbook
  • Continues to introduce new grammar elements
  • 36 structured grammar lessons
  • 36 spelling and punctuation lessons
  • Develops dictionary and thesaurus skills
  • Improves vocabulary and comprehension
  • Photocopiable activities
  • Fun actions for the grammar points

The Grammar 2 Handbook  features the following topics:

  • new spelling patterns – ei, eigh, ture
  • silent letters – b, c, h, k, w
  • syllables
  • identifying the short vowels
  • spelling rules – consonant doubling and adding suffixes
  • tricky word families
  • revision of elements covered in the Grammar Handbook 1
  • further adjectives – possessive
  • comparatives and superlatives
  • prepositions
  • conjunctions
  • dictionary work
  • punctuation
  • exclamation marks
  • apostrophes
  • further sentence development

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